Shala N Gunnells
Piano Teacher
Enumclaw, WA

Students are to bring all study materials with them to each lesson.

Payment for lessons is due at the first lesson of every month.  Payments will be made a month in advance.  A grace period of 10 days will be allowed, afterward a $30.00 charge will be applied.

Parents, students, or guardians will pay for all student material unless otherwise stated.

Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.  

Lesson fees are $85.00 per month for 1/2 hour lessons, $125 per month for $45 minutes and $165 per month for 1 hour lessons. My fee is $46.50 per hour. Lesson fees are based on a 44 week year divided by 12 making for even payments throughout the year. Therefore, there are no adjustments made for a month in which I teach more or less than four lessons.

No refund will be made for missed days.  However, a make-up lesson will be arranged for during the same week of the missed lesson.  If it cannot be made within the same week, no refund and no further effort toward a make-up lesson will occur. 

There must be a 30-day notice given of termination of lessons. Failing this, the next month must be paid for whether the student attends or not. This also applies in cases where the student is “taking a break” from piano. However, if the next month is paid for then that fee will be applied to the first month the student returns. 

If for any reason the teacher cancels a lesson a refund for the missed lesson will be made if  the teacher is unable to provide a make-up lesson.

If a student arrives late for a lesson they will receive a lesson during the rest of the time frame allotted to them. If they are 15 minutes late, the teacher reserves the right to cancel the lesson. 

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